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Sometimes we come across stories that entertain, as well as have a lesson that may be useful.

Occasionally we find info that may be interesting, and we gladly share that with you too.


Where possible we will add the origin of the story. If we don't cite a source, and you know the origin, please let us know. 



Race and Burn Part 3

Race and Burn Part 3:- Sorry to have gone on for so long, but I wanted you to have a fairly clear picture. You have probably noticed all the mistakes I made, but I’m going to list them anyway. Firstly, however I want to make two further points, both of which will tend to suggest that I would react well in such situations, the point being that you may be just as likely to screw up like me. 

Firstly, I’ve always dressed myself with the best quality gear I can get my hands on. All my gear is Formula 1 level

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Race and Burn Part 2

Race and Burn Part 2 (of 3)

 Shaun passed under braking for Cape Town Corner, and Kosie closed right onto my tail. Half way through the corner the footwell erupted in flame. At that point I was well off the pace, but being well dressed for fire, and not feeling any heat, I kept going whilst looking for a marshal with an extinguisher to stop alongside. Of course we don’t have any such marshals at that part of the circuit and as soon as I could see that, I pulled off onto the point where the dragstrip joins the circuit, stopped, killed the car, set off the plumbed-in extinguisher, unbuckled, and hopped out. 

By now I’d made at least four stupid mistakes. 

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Chariots of Fire - A Motor Racing Lesson

I am taking the trouble of writing this essay, as I’m certain there are lessons to be drawn from it by every person who races cars. I hope it reaches as many competitors as possible for that very reason, so if you happen to have a mailing list for a particular group, I’d appreciate it if you were to forward it to them. 

It will emerge that, far from being any sort of expert, able to stay in control of any situation I find myself in, I am capable of making a whole series of blunders when put in an unfamiliar and stressful spot. I ask you to read this carefully, and to carry out my recommendations. It may well save your life one day. 

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